The Big Reunion (2014)

I and my brothers Taj and Taryll (3T) participated in The Big Reunion in January of 2014. Along with members of the bands A1, Damage, Eternal, Girl Thing and 5th Story, we spent three weeks in the U.K. for the second season of series of The Big Reunion. The ITV show tells the story of these six bands getting back together and working towards performing at The Big Reunion Concert in 8 episodes. 3T’s story was featured in one of the episodes (that aired February 27th, 2014) with interviews shot at home in California. We explained why we were put in pause for so long and talk about the hurdles we have overcome. The final episode of the show (March 27th, 2014) was a registration The Big Reunion Concert, including 3T performing “Why” and “Anything”. 

The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour

3T toured the U.K. with bands from the first and second season of The Big Reunion (Five, 911, Blue, A1, Damage and 5th Story) on the 13-date Big Reunion Boy Band Tour in October of 2014. The tour marked 3T’s stage comeback in which we performed four of our biggest hits ("Anything, "I Need You", "Stuck On You"and "Why") live for our fans.